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My research contributes to the literatures on revolutions, state-building, and ideologies on one hand, and the critical studies on media and misinformation on the other. I am currently engaged in two projects: (1) examining the impact of ideologies on state-building outcomes, and (2) investigating the connections between media discourses and capitalist/imperialist structures. I work within comparative research tradition and with computational methods. My research has been supported by Smith Richardson Foundation, German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), and Yale MacMillan Center. I have also been awarded the 2023 Marvin B. Sussman Dissertation Prize by the Yale Sociology Department.

You can see detailed information about my current projects here.


Peer-Reviewed Articles

Rasit, Huseyin. 2021. “Competing Revolutionaries: Legitimacy and Leadership in Revolutionary Situations.” The British Journal of Sociology 72(4):1092-1112.


Rasit, Huseyin and Alexander Kolokotronis. 2020. “Decentralist Vanguards: Women’s Autonomous Power and Left Convergence in Rojava.” Globalizations 17(5):869-883.

Book Chapters

Rasit, Huseyin. 2020. “Imperialism, Revolution, and the Desire to Lecture the Kurds: How Should We (Not) Analyze U.S.-Kurdish Relations.” Pp. 225-41 in Kurdish Autonomy and U.S. Foreign Policy: Continuity and Change, edited by V. Eccarius-Kelly and M. M. Gunter. New York: Peter Lang.

Book Reviews

Rasit, Huseyin. 2022. "Under the Banner of Islam: Turks, Kurds, and the Limits of Religious Unity." Politics, Religion & Ideology.


Rasit, Huseyin. 2017. “Not Another Story of Failed Liberation: Tensions in Bashur and Rojava in the Light of the Referendum,” openDemocracy

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Huseyin Rasit

Ritsumeikan University

College of Global Liberal Arts 2-150 Iwakura-cho,

Ibaraki, Osaka 567-8570


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